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Three Beautiful Bicycle Trails around Monte Argentario Argentario Golf Resort & Spa

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Three Beautiful Bicycle Trails around Monte Argentario

Monte Argentario is a fantastic destination for bicycle lovers. This promontory, located in Maremma (southern Tuscany), offers breath-taking panoramas; a pristine environment between hills, beaches, olive groves and a lagoon; and a temperate climate that allows you to bike all year round.

Local cyclists have preserved the territory for years, and the Gruppo Ciclistico Monte Argentario organizes the annual Gran Fondo dell’Argentario, a mountain-bike race on 42 km of dirt tracks that cross the promontory and reaches 600 metres above sea level.

The Promontory of Monte Argentario features amazing bicycle trails for all tastes and levels of fitness. For example, you can enjoy an easy and relaxing ride on vintage bikes in the Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve; if you love Enduro mountain biking, you can have a blast descending along the technical trails; the road connecting the fishing villages of Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano is ideal for road bikes.



Here are 3 beautiful Argentario bicycle trails for you to explore in this little-known area of Tuscany.


1. Lagoon, Ancient Ruins and Sea: Orbetello – Ansedonia – Feniglia 

With this bicycle route you get to discover:

- The pretty town of Orbetello, located in the middle of a WWF-managed lagoon where you can sometimes find pink flamingos;
- The renowned tourist village of Ansedonia, located on a small promontory next to the ruins of the ancient Roman town of Cosa;
- The Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve, stretching on a 7-km strip of land that separates Orbetello Lagoon from the open sea and is ideal for birdwatching.

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2. Fishing hamlets with majestic forts: Porto Ercole – Porto Santo Stefano

Get ready to bike between history, nature and gastronomy. Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano are two beautiful Borghi Marinari (fishing villages). The former is surrounded by the walls from the XV century and features the evocative Santa Barbara Square, from where you can admire the harbour. The surroundings are characterized by a series of forts and towers, including Forte Stella, Forte Filippo and Torre del Mulinaccio. The latter has two ports and overlooks a bay dominated by the Spanish Fortress built between the end of the 1500s and the beginning of the 1600s. There are many bars and restaurants along the seashore of both Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano, where you can taste fresh fish and more local specialities.

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3. Nature and Spirituality: Convento dei Frati Passionisti

Immersed in the forests of Monte Argentario is a peaceful place that boasts amazing views: it’s the Convento della Presentazione al Tempio, more commonly known as Convento dei Frati Passionisti because it is the base of the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ, called Passionists.

This monastery was built in 1737 by S. Paolo della Croce. From here you can admire Orbetello Lagoon and the Giannella strip. Nearby you can easily reach the Monumental Cross and the summit of Monte Argentario at 645 meters above sea level, called Punta Telegrafo, from where you can spot the Islands of Giglio and Giannutri. The views from up here are simply breath taking!

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Argentario Luxury Bike Hotel

If you want to explore the Argentario on two wheels and want to book a luxury bike hotel as your base, the Argentario Golf Resort & Spa is just what you are looking for. This eco-friendly resort is part of Luxury Bike Hotels, the exclusive collection of the best bike friendly hotels in Italy.

The Tuscan resort offer a series of services for cyclists, such as a bike garage with electric recharge, sport massage in the spa and sport menus in its restaurants. If you are not traveling with your own bicycle, in the resort you will find premium pedal-assist e-bikes by Pirelli. You can choose between the models ST1 X SPORT (high top tube) and ST1 X COMFORT (low top tube). The bikes are part of Pirelli CYCL-e around™ service in sustainable mobility, which includes a mobile app with a GPS optimized for bikes, and a kit with helmet and accessories to make the journey more comfortable and safer.

As you can see in the maps above, the resort enjoys a strategic location near all the best bicycle trails in the Argentario area: it is only 5 km away from Orbetello and the Duna Feniglia Reserve, while all the other attractions (the Passionisti Convent, Porto Santo Stefano and Ansedonia) are 8 to 12 km away.


The Argentario Golf Resort & Spa is a great option for sport and nature lovers in general. It features the 18-hole golf course that is the only PGA National in Italy, two padel courts, two tennis courts, jogging trails, a small football pitch and a modern, equipped gym where personal trainers are also available. The Resort extends over 77 hectares of private property that has the BioAgriCert environmental certification.


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