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Recipe: Scallop with fava beans & lemon ricotta Argentario Golf Resort & Spa

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Recipe: Scallop with fava beans & lemon ricotta

capasanta recipe

By Chef Riccardo Cappelli



  • Scallop nr 6
  • Fave Beans 1 kg
  • Ricotta 100 gr
  • Lemon nr 1
  • Piccadilly tomatoes nr 1
  • Red onion nr 1
  • Red wine vinegar As Needed
  • Powdered sugar As Needed



Clean the fava beans, blanch them and remove the outer peel. Season with salt and olive oil. Season the ricotta cheese with lemon zest.

Blanch the tomatoes and remove their peel. Then cut them in half, put them in a pan and season with salt, olive oil and powdered sugar. Let dry in the oven at 80° C for about 1 hour.

Cook the onion for 1 minute in water and vinegar (1 liter of water, 500 vinegar) and let cool in ice.

Cook the scallop in a pan with olive oil until both sides are golden, then add salt and assemble the plate.


Buon Appetito!



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