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Pirates invade Porto Ercole harbor in southern Tuscany! Argentario Golf Resort & Spa

Hotel lusso a Porto Ercole - Toscana

Pirates invade Porto Ercole harbor in southern Tuscany!

Pirates night in Tuscany - Porto Ercole

“Lo sbarco” pirates leave the ships and reach the shore on rowing boats. From www.portoercole.org

Pirates in Porto Ercole, Tuscany

Pirate crews parade through Porto Ercole’s historic center. From www.portoercole.org

Have you ever witnessed a pirate invasion and a proper scavenger hunt? Ahoy! Pack your eye patches and your (toy) cutlass swords and travel to the Maremma Tuscany!

At the end of April and the beginning of May, the sea village of Porto Ercole (recently added to the list of Most Beautiful Villages in Italy) will be hosting a unique and colorful event featuring pirate crews not only from local towns but also from all over Italy!

The “Notte dei Pirati” (Night of the Pirates) is a fun event that takes place on the nights of the 25th, 26th and 27th of April in Porto Ercole. There is a different daily program, including scavenger hunt games for younger and older pirates, costume parades and fireworks on the sea. Participants have to register beforehand as teams or are assigned to spontaneous groups. On the last day of the event, prizes are awarded to the best dressed pirate crew and to the pirate coves with the best decorations (oh yes, each team has its own cove… and all local bar and restaurants transform themselves as well!). The competition takes place along the harbor and in the historic center of Porto Ercole.

VIDEO – Here is a Teaser from the past

The 2014 edition will extend into May with a special and new event: the “Corsair Regatta” will take place for the first time on May 3rd. At 5:30 PM, a cannon shot will mark the beginning of the race divided in 4 stages:

  • first, the pirate crews will race in six characteristic ‘gozzi’ rowing boats from the beach to their respective ancient sailing ships
  • second, the pirate ships will race through an obstacle course until they reach a specific point near the Isolotto, a small island off the Argentario Coast
  • third, one crew member from each ship will jump into the sea and swim until the small island, climbing the rocks to reach and grab one of the 6 flags that are planted on the top
  • fourth, the pirates will have to go back to the ships, then to the gozzi and return to the beach.. where the first crew to plant the banner on dry land will win the challenge!
Corsair Regatta, Porto Ercole - Argentario Tuscany

The route of the Corsair Regatta. From www.portoercole.org

This exciting show can be enjoyed from the harbor of Porto Ercole or from the Panoramic Road that runs along the coast of the Argentario Promontory.

Behind the fun and the show, there is also a humanitarian cause. The social organizations of NDP2014, Bambini nel Deserto www.bambinineldeserto.org and Burkina Kamba www.burkinakamba.it will sensitize the audience on helping the needy in Africa, in particular the Yako Orphanage in Burkina Faso. The pirates of Porto Ercole will be able to ‘adopt’ the 40 orphans and to support the development of a photovoltaic system for producing clean energy for the property.

You have time until the 23rd of April to sign up and join the Pirates of the Mediterranean… book your trip to Porto Ercole now!

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