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Chariot excursions in the Uccellina Nature Park Argentario Golf Resort & Spa

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Chariot excursions in the Uccellina Nature Park

Chariot excursion in Maremma Regional Nature Park

Off they go! Image from illaghetto.it

Chariot excursions offer a different and adventurous way to visit the Uccellina Nature Park (also called Maremma Nature Park)! This rustic means of transport allows visitors to explore places that are too far away to be reached on foot from the village of Alberese (entry to the park), with the only other way of moving around being on horseback.

By traveling in a chariot, you can approach the wild fauna in a unique way. Most animals, including the wild horses and the characteristic Maremma cows, will observe you with an amused look without being frightened.

Birdwatchers can reach and observe the winter locations of migrant birds even during rainy days and colder months: the chariots can be covered with an impermeable cloth… and off you go, undaunted!

The chariots at the Maremma Park have 28 seats, including 8 for disabled visitors, which means that you and your family or friends can enjoy a group excursion out in the pristine nature.

Chariot tour in Uccelina Nature Park, Maremma Tuscany

Exploring nature in a rustic way! – image from naturalmentetoscana.it

There are 2 itineraries for chariot trips:



This tour takes you through a hillside country road and up to a mesmerizing forest of oak trees. Along the way you might come across wild boars, deer and birds of prey. Admire the typical olive trees and an ancient wall from the 18th century. The itinerary lasts about 2 hours, and is also available for night excursions!


Explore the Pineta Granducale, made of Italian stone pines that were planted by the House of Lorraine in the 1700s. Admire the medieval tower of Castel Marino and then the Collelungo Tower from the Renaissance, until you reach one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Maremma, called Collelungo Beach. You will also visit an area with caves of carsic origin. The itinerary lasts about 4 hours.


Have you ever enjoyed an excursion on a chariot? What was your experience like? Share below!


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