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Recipe: Citrus Mackerel with sour vegetables on carrot cream Argentario Golf Resort & Spa

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Recipe: Citrus Mackerel with sour vegetables on carrot cream


Riccardo Cappelli, Chef at Dama Dama Restaurant in Porto Ercole, proposes this recipe for you delight your taste buds and practice your cooking skills in the kitchen.



Mackerel nr 5
Carrots nr 2
Asparagus 1 bunch
Zucchini nr 1
Peppers nr 1
Lemon nr 1
Vinegar As needed

For the Cream:
Carrots nr 3
Shallot nr 3
Fresh cream 100 ml



For the cream: slightly fry the shallot, then add the carrots and add broth or water and simmer. At the end, add the cream and blend well.

Clean the fish by removing all bones.

Clean the vegetables and cut finely as you like, parboil them in vinegar and water (1liter water 250 vinegar), cool them, drain well and season with salt and oil.

Sear the mackerel fillets from the skin first and then the other side. When you remove them from the heat, add some grated lemon and salt to taste.


Buon Appetito!


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