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Maremma Tuscany, version 2.0 Argentario Golf Resort & Spa

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Maremma Tuscany, version 2.0

Maremma Tuscany on the web 2.0

The rustic area of southern Tuscany known as Maremma, stretching between the sea, the hills and Mount Amiata, is keeping up with modern times on the web and the new media. This is possible thanks to a team of 10 local women who document life, events and traditions of the territory through social networks, a blog and a website.

Their objective is to present and describe the Maremma through engaging storytelling. They use mobile phones and tablets as they travel and live around the area to capture daily emotions and life scenes, history and legends, foodie delights, famous people… and share everything in real time.

The Turismo in Maremma project has an official website that serves as a general guide to the territory www.turismoinmaremma.it as well as a blog that is updated regularly with things to discover, event, and stories about enogastronomy, wellness, traditions and people www.turismoinmaremma.wordpress.com . All of this and more is shared on various social networking platforms that gather almost 7000 fans and followers, namely: Facebook, Twitter, Googleplus, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare and Youtube.

Passion, love for the territory, professionalism, and that feminine touch (no offense intended for the male public!) are the winning elements of this team and their ambitious project!

All images are taken from the websites mentioned above or Turismo in Maremma’s social networks.

Maremma Tuscany on the web 2.0

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